Football World Cup History And Winners

World cup is the climax of the football game to soccer fans everywhere. The fun about it is that whether a country is represented in the cup or not, they will watch it and support their favorite teams. It is the toughest competition for victory because the winner is recognized as the World football champions, a big name.

The FIFA World Cup was established in 1930. The competition involves the men’s national teams which are members of the Federation Internationale De Football Association (FIFA) the governing body. The tournament usually takes place after every four years, except in 1942-1946 due to the World War 11. The last competition was held in Russia despite the geopolitics issues that surrounded the host nation.

Below are the list of FIFA world cup winners and the years of competition;

1930- Uruguay

1930--UruguayThe very first world cup tournament, Uruguay won. At the beginning of the game ,they scored one against Argentina who had two goals during the first half; however in the second half Uruguay scored three goals thus ended up winning the match in a score of 4-2.


Uruguay declined to participate because other teams did not travel during the 1930 World cup. Italy beat United States, Spain and Austria thus got to the final with Czechoslovakia. Italy won after a score made on the 95th minute thus the match ended at scores of 2-1.


Having not played the previous two tournaments; they scored Brazil two goals on the second half thus winning the cup for the second time.

1954-West Germany

It is the most memorable of all time because West Germany was less expected to win; Hungary ad beaten South Korea 9-0 and West Germany during group stages 8-3. Though Hungary scored 2-0 in eight minutes West Germany took the cup home after the game ending in scores of 3-2.


1958-BrazilThis era marked the dominance of Brazilian. They won against France thus proceeding to the Finals with Sweden which they also on and the game ended at 5-2.


They won two goal against England, another two against Chile and thus setting for the finals with Czechoslovakia who they beat 3-1.


It is the funniest moments in the history of this competition as the trophy was stolen by a dog from the exhibit. It was held in England for the first time. The host nation scored 4-2 thus won the cup.


The beat Italy 4-1; after they (Brazil) were almost beaten by England at the group stage.

1974-West Germany

They beat Netherlands 2-1 and were handed a new World Cup.


1978-Argentina1Netherlands again managed to reach the finals but were defeated as Argentina scored 3-2.

1982- Italy

Though they had a weak start at the group stage they managed to beat West Germany during the final 3-1.


West Germany managed to set to the final but was beaten by Argentina 3-2.

1990- West Germany

After a series of being defeated at the finals they finally managed to beat Argentina 1-0.

1994- Brazil

They drew with Italy 0-0 but won the penalties 3-2.


1998-FranceDespite the Brazil dominance they were beaten by France 3-0.

2002- Brazil

They made a come-back to the victory and defeated Germany 2-0.


They drew with France 1-1 but won at the penalties 5-3.


They won against Netherlands after scoring one goal at the 109 minute, the match ended 1-0.


2014-GermanyBecame the fourth time world cup inner after scoring Argentina 1-0.


During the final 2018 world Cup, France beat Croatia 4-2.