How Photography Affects Our Lives

Since 1814 when the first photo was taken, Nicephore Niepce never thought photography would get this far. Today it is evident that photography has evolved and become part of everyone’s life. So many things about photography have evolved into the digital way making photography more attractive.

Apart from the photography resource links, this visual art has also gained popularity due to many other things. Among them is that photography has influenced our lives positively and negatively. However, the positives subdue the negatives. Below we discuss how photography affects our lives:

Validation of information.

Fake news is widely spread today due to the broad use of social media in the world. It would be tough to distinguish accurate to fake news if photos were not there. Today, you can validate the authenticity of any news by the use of images.

Our Lives

Fake news will always lack clear pictures to support them. Even with the use of technological tools such as Photoshop,you can tell that the news is false. Accurate news will always have 2 or more photographs to support the whole story. Photography has helped us avoid fear due to fake news meant to spread fear. We get to base our arguments on true news that inform us of the true situation of things.

Improvement in the health and education sector.

Thanks to photography, we do not have to undergo a head surgery for a tumor to be discovered. You only go for a head x-ray which is a type of photography that focuses on the inside of the head, instead of the outer part of the scalp. It keeps us away from unnecessary costs and pain that come with a head surgery. When you break your leg, a leg x-ray is conducted to uncover the intensity of the fracture and the procedures required.

Photography has also made teaching in schools easier. According to studies, information passed through images is always effective to information given by word of mouth or writing.

This is because the brain easily stores the images to something memorable and real. Teachers who get the best out of students must use images to pass information on some difficult topics such as the digestive system of a human being in Biology.

Influence our opinion and decisions.

Photography influences our opinion, choices and final decisions. When photography is for example used to advertise a particular product, it is the photo on the advertisement that captures 85% of our attention.


The product description takes a smaller percentage of 15%. This means that a good photo of the product makes people get attracted to it and their final decision to buy it comes from that photograph. In short, photos affect our perception of things. This has made photography a significant factor in marketing.

Photography speaks louder.

To support information displayed in writing or speaking, photographs are used to create the actual image. In newspapers,after 900 words, the editor uses one or two pictures to create the real picture in the back of the leaders’ mind. It is natural that words are not as impressive as images.

Photographs also communicate a lot of information. Information that could be delivered in 1000 words is enough to be portrayed in a single photograph. People today prefer seeing pictures than spending time reading an article. In blogs, every blog content is support by a supporting photograph, to sum up, the content.

Photography has so much influenced our lives positively changing the world to be a better place.However, in some instances, photographs are misused by people such as terrorists to spread fear among people. When pictures of lifeless human bodies are carelessly shared, they change the motive of photography.