Irish Football News in 2018

Irish premier division

The main bodies responsible for organizing football activities in Ireland are; the league of Ireland and the football association of Ireland. Irish football teams play together in Irish premier league which consists of ten teams, and each team plays a total of four games making all games played till the end of the season by each side to thirty-six. The Ireland league division began in 16th February 2018 and ended in 26th October 2018.


Dundalk football club completed at the top of the table with 87 points having played all the 36 games. Out of the 36 games, they won 27 games, drew six games and lost in 3 games. Cork city game second with 77 points and shamrock rovers came third with 62 points. Waterford which was recently promoted to the league took the fourth position with 59 points, being beaten by 28 points by the champion of the league.

Other Football News


Other than the Irish premier league the Irish football players have shown excellent performance in other leagues. The Irish football star troy Parrott has shown a lot of high performance in his new team Tottenham having transferred from Beleved in July. The youngster has a total of 11 goals having played for the Spurs under 18 team. His fame has risen in the recent past having scored two goals against Leicester last Saturday. It is because of this performance that the player has won the heart of the senior team coach and the player may find himself soon playing in the senior’s game.

Adam O’Reilly

Parrott is not the only youngster who is shining in England, in May this year Adam O’Reilly has also shown exceptional performance in his team Preston. The teenager who is 17 years old has been playing for Preston under 18 football club.


The fame of the youngster begun in early May when he played for Ireland national under 18 teams against Denmark in which the Irish men won by one goal in the European champions league. The player has been awarded for not only his football performance but also for his exceptional academic performance.

Medical Practitioners in the Field

Medical practitioners and doctors in the field have a hard task of ensuring that the players are attended during the game. The aim is to ensure that they continue to play quickly without severe injuries.

Due to this reason, the doctors may be faced with a difficult time of how they will charge the services they offer. However, this is no longer a worry thanks to electronic charge capture technology which transfers the functions done by the doctors on the mobile phones and tablets of the appropriate payers.

Signing a New Player

The English football clubs are thirsty for the Irish youngster players, other than Parrott and Adam O’Reilly. There has been the recent signing of O’Hora to Brighton English football club. The teenager who had been playing for the bohemians for two and half years has moved to Brighton following his success in a football career.

The player in his message, however, stated that he has special thanks for bohemians club for they are responsible for his success. Brighton was not the only team that had eyed the player following his victory in last season, Norwich city also had the same intentions of signing the Irish youngster, but they came in late after Brighton had already taken him.