What kind of socks prevent blisters?

No one is immune from developing blisters, whether you wear 50-dollar EXECUTIVE socks or walks barefoot most of the time. There is just the right kind of socks to prevent your feet from developing blistering or lulling the already present sores. The best anti-blister socks serve to stop your feet from getting sweaty as well. Unless you’re wearing new shoes that are still guessing the perfect fit, you can’t tell when the sores may reveal their heads because petty anything can cause them including a mild foot infection, keeping your feet in shoes for a long time, or wearing wet socks for extended periods.

There is a better way of preventing and treating feet blister besides using sports tape, foot inserts, and blister-preventing sprays. One of the best ways of preventing or managing feet blisters is to invest in a pair of quality socks with anti-blistering properties. An anti blister socks are often made from neoprene or merino wool. Here are 9 best socks to prevent the development of sores and help the existing blisters heal faster.

1.No-show running socks that help your feet remain comfortable

One example of this class of socks is Balega Blister Resists No-show Athletic Running Rocks. They come with a high-heeled tab that stops them from slipping from the foot. This way, undue friction between the skin and the shoe is prevented thus preventing the development of blisters.


Brands that incorporate the innovative Drynamix feature or use the mohair fabric are keen to wick the moisture from the feet while regulating the temperature at the same time. This way, the population of microbes on the feet is reduced and prevents itchy-foot illness and development of blisters.

2.Double-Layers Crew Socks for Walking and Running

An example of this class of socks is Wrightsock Anti-Blister Double-Layer Running 2 quarter Sock. These ANTI-BLISTER SOCKS feels cozy on the feet, thanks to their double layers of soft fabric that protects you from pain and development of blisters. They are often white or black and have an extra layer of polyester to wick away moisture. The inner layer is made from a material with a high degree of absorbency.

3.Merino Wool Hiking and Walking Socks for Cold Seasons

A perfect example of these socks is Omni-Wool Hiker ANTI-BLISTER SOCKS. They are an excellent option if you are considering spending extended periods hiking running in the mountain ranges.


You’re more likely to develop blisters when you let shoes stay on your feet for too long while performing a strenuous hence the need for such socks. The merino wool is known for being a natural wicking agent. A cushioned footbed is included to make the socks more comfortable.

4.Sport Skin Socks for Water Play and Beach Activities

An example of this class of socks is Tilos 2.5mm Sports Skin Sock. They are characterized by an adjustable ankle cuff and stretchy nylon upper region that helps you achieve ideal fit without developing blisters from the friction. The neoprene sole protects the feet from elements such as mud or hot sand which might strain your feet during beach sports such as snorkeling and volleyball.

5.Knee-High Compression Socks Complete with Blister-Proof Protection

An example of this class of socks is Kunto Fitness Compression Socks. Their high-knee design is perfect for transferring pressure from the legs and feet hence improving blood circulation and relieving muscle aches. They may come with protective padding across heels and balls while having been made from materials that absorb or wick moisture away from the feet.

Not only do they keep your feet comfortable, but also they reduce stress on surfaces of the feet more prone to undue friction hence preventing the development of blisters.